बिहिबार, मंसिर ११, २०७७

You Were My Sunshine (Poem)

  • बिहिबार, जेष्ठ २२, २०७७
You Were My Sunshine (Poem)

-Ganesh B. Dhami

You were my sunshine on a rainy day
But so untimely, someone from above
Ruthlessly snatched away
Leaving me behind
Baffled, shattered and bewildered.

Though you are not with me
Your memories everywhere
I feel you fondling my hair.
I hear you whispering my name in the air.
I hear your footsteps walking in the hallway.
I feel you tweaking my chubby cheeks.
I feel your hands caressing my back.
I feel you sitting by my side
Watching your favourite TV serial
Gleaming and framed photos of you on the wall
I talk to them, smile at them.

The thoughts of you keep me warm in winter’s night
You were the light of my life that burnt so bright
Whom someone from heaven took away
You were my sunshine on a gloomy day.

You made me happy when times were down
You were my umbrella when it rained
You held me in times of need
You were my bandage when I bled
You were my sunshine in times of rain
Please come, hold my hand and hug me again.

I have memories of us
I lay awake between your two princesses
The pictures captured glimpses
You are loved. You are missed.

My painful cries
Fill the darkness of night
I need your arms
To hold me tight

I look up at the night sky
Wanna travel miles and fly
I wish I could see your smile
I love you. I miss you. I wish you were here.

I look to the heaven hoping to see you anew
One of your twin-princesses asks
“Mamma, where did our dad go?”
I look up towards the heaven and
Show them the brightest star
And turn away to hide my torrent tears
Because I am their valiant mum
I should not seem weak in front of them.

They say time will heal each wound
I can’t call, text or touch
I’ll always love you
I promise to never forget
The man who was so true
And left no regret
God called you home
To be with you, only with you.

(The poet is a teacher, lecturer and lawyer currently living in Butwal, Rupandehi.)


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